Plastic Lumber Trade Association


In 2005, after 10 years of work to initiate ASTM standards to Plastic Lumber material systems through the ASTM D20 Plastic Committees, D20.20.01 (Plastic Lumber) and D20.20.04 (Marine Waterfront), the PLTA refocused its efforts towards the structural activities of Plastic Lumber material systems.

The mission of the Plastic Lumber Trade Association (PLTA) is to establish an effective communications channel among the members of this industry, thus aiding in addressing items of mutual interest

PLTA's Objectives

  • To establish standardized testing procedures
  • To promote standards of quality within the industry
  • To promote the use of recycled plastics
  • To inaugurate cooperative projects that contribute to a firm, equitable, and business-like basis and are consistent with the best interests of the plastic industry
  • To promote the acceptance and use of plastic lumber and plastic lumber products for consumer, commercial and governmental use.
  • To work cooperatively with other groups and governments agencies on matters of material interest; and
  • To collect industry statistics as may be appropriate to aid the growth and public awareness of plastic lumber and associated industries.